The management of Emmytex Vicissitude Academy (EVA) provides state of the arts accommodation for her students at an affordable fee. This accommodation is in the form of hostel flats, which are well equipped with common rooms, reading rooms and toilets facilities.

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Hostel Requirements

Emmytex Vicissitude Academy study Centre Hostel requirements for students in order to ensure that students enjoy a comfortable and stress-free stay in the hostel, the following is a list of minimum required items that a student may need during his or her stay in the hostel:

  • Pillowcase (1)
  • Blanket (1)
  • White Bed sheets (2) 4*7
  • Set of Cutlery (1)
  • Plastic Bucket (2)
  • Padlock and Key ring (1),
  • Torch and Battery (1)
  • Water Flask (1)
  • Cooking pots and sauce pans
  • Kerosene or Gas Stove
  • Hangers (12)
  • School Bags (1)
  • Sweater (1)
  • Rain coat/ Umbrella (1)
  • Toiletries
  • Laptop/Tablet (if possible not compulsory)
  • Feeding cost per semester
  • Exercise books, Hardcover Notebooks
  • Writing materials


  • There shall be head of hostel appointed amongst the students by the management.
  • No consumption of alcoholic drinks
  • No smoking of cigarettes
  • Television sets, Video machines and DVD players are prohibited items in the hostel
  • No playing of Computer games
  • No receiving of visitors except on visiting days and or with permission from the CEO.
  • Visiting day is Last Saturday of Every Month.
  • All students must have rechargeable light /lanterns for reading
  • At all times there should be no noise emanating from the hostel to disturb the neighboring houses.
  • Students must dress moderately in the hostel.
  • Boys should always dress properly. No exposing of bare chest within the hostel vicinity.
  • There should be no fighting in the school or hostel amongst students
  • Pilfering or stealing is highly prohibited.

Any student(s) who violate any of the aforementioned rules will be meted with appropriate punishment as determined by management.

Accommodation Fee is N30,000

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